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Way back in 1926 John Smiths Brewery provided sports facilities at its Queens Gardens site for the exclusive use of its employees. The facilities which were maintained by a full time groundsman and became the envy of the area with the cricket ground regularly hosting Yorkshire Second XI and various representative games. The existing social clubhouse, was built for the workforce around 1948. However, following various mergers and acquisitions the Magnets Sports Club no longer received any form of subsidy from The Brewery and became open to all members of the public in 1997

Even further back in time Tadcaster Cricket Club was formed in 1890 and in 1904 Tadcaster Hockey Club became established and along with cricket utlised the Manor Field site in Tadcaster. Over the years the costs of maintaining and trying to find players to support two separate cricket clubs in the town became impractical and in 2000 Tadcaster Magnets Sports and Social Club (“TMSSC”) was established which combined both sites and all sports under a single organisation.

Tadcaster Ladies

Although a long term lease existed and still remains in place for the Manor Field grounds, there was no such certainty at Queens Gardens until a long term lease was signed with Heineken in December 2016 and since which time efforts have been made to reinstate some of the facilities which naturally became dilapidated over an extended period of time

Trust Constitution

Since 2000 TMSSC operated as a Community Amateur Sports Club but as time moved on and rules became more complex it was decided that best interests of the local community TMSSC should become a charitable organisation and in 2020 Tadcaster Community Sports Trust (“the Trust”) was formed
The Objective of the Trust (as set out in the constitution) is to:
To promote community participation in healthy recreation and the advancement of amateur sport for the benefit of the inhabitants of Tadcaster and the surrounding area through the provision of playing surfaces and facilities for the playing of amateur sport and community recreation for the benefit of the local community with the object of improving physical and mental wellbeing.

A full copy of the Trust constitution can be viewed below:

The Trust is managed by the Trustees who currently comprise:

Trustee Name Primary Role
Allan Parry Managing Trustee
Bobby Collins Finance
Graham Collins Operations
Andrew Deakin Compliance
Peter McNamara Sports Development

Annual General Meetings

Year Date Meeting Agenda Minutes of Meeting
1st November 2021
2021 AGM Agenda 2021 Meeting Minutes
2022 20th March 2022 2022 AGM Agenda 2022 Meeting Minutes
2023 11th March 2023 2023 AGM Agenda

Trust Policies

The following key Trust Policy documents can be accessed:


Trust Annual Reports

Year Date Period
2022  30th April 2022 2022 Annual Report
2023 30th April 2023 2023 Annual Report

Magnet 2020 Limited Accounts

Year Date Period
2023 30th April 2023 2022 Limited Accounts